First Holiday of Summer


So I’ve been trying to remain pretty consistent with my blog posts but it’s been hectic with work and my book so I thought I’d share my vacation photos up in Muskoka.

Rule one of cottaging up north is to bathe in bug spray at least once a day cause bugs up their are ridiculous!

This was a first for me to be cottaging so far up north and I will be honest that this is the Canada that most people envision, as in huge chunks of stone all over the place, incredible views and beautiful bodies of water. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Although the weather was sub-par on some days we did manage to get in gear and get on the water and it was so beautiful to soak in God’s creation!


We instantly wanted t try out the aesthetically pleasing kayaks which were too cute to pass up. We ended up kayaking all the way to the island in the distance and although it was exhausting it was totally worth it. The view was even better from there.

My cousin, my sister and I all made the effort to get up for a good sunrise and this was SO worth it. If you’re gonna do anything productive up north I’d highly recommend getting up for the sunrise. It was beautiful, and the water is actually warmer at this time!IMG_6450

We decided to take the also aesthetically pleasing paddle boards for our morning trip and I was a little nervous to take my phone along but it was so worth it.


So this trip was a family reunion and it was thoroughly enjoyed, however I did spend a day up with my friends camping in Kearney which I also highly recommend. I had an absolute blast even though the bugs were about 10X worse! IMG_6402I ended up going back up with my parents to spend some time with them and we took the boat out several times which I was happy about because Riley loves the boat and this is his last summer.IMG_6445He’s my bestfriend so when he’s happy then I am!

Anyway, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend camping/cottaging in northern Canada, the views are unbelievable no matter where you go! Happy week everyone!